Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Rhian Ramos on board for Boardwalk 2020

Over 200 of Boardwalk's inspired and motivated GMOs converged at the Auditorium of the Philippine Stock Exchange to address the state of the company and pave the road for the bus the rest of the Boardwalk family will be on as the company moves forward towards Boardwalk 2020.

Taking a break from their usual grind, Boardwalk's hard-working leaders took the time to get together for one huge convention with the company's highly-regarded and esteemed trailblazers as they carve a new milestone for the brand.

With the theme, 'Boardwalk 2020', the Boardwalk family set in motion the plans and strategies the company's different divisions have engineered to prepare the brand for the next coming years leading to 2020. And they didn't just laid it out plainly, with the company known to be a trendsetter in the world of fashion and lifestyle, they kicked off Boardwalk 2020 in style, as the Philippine Island Assassins set the stage ablaze much to the delight of the crowd.

Each and every Boardwalk GMO who was there for this new benchmark in the company's history was more than happy to be a part of the biggest and fastest growing direct selling company in the country and they showed exactly how glad each of them were through a series of videos that starred members of the Boardwalk family.

Boardwalk's revered President, Boss Bernardo Madera, took the stage to welcome everyone and prepare them towards a new day and age as the company sets its attention towards 2020. From humble beginnings, Boardwalk became the direct selling giant that it is today and the Boardwalk President made sure everybody in attendance will know that the company hasn't even started flexing its muscles yet. One thing we do know is the fact that the future is bright for the no.1 brand in fashion & lifestyle.

To prepare the Boardwalk family for the coming years ahead and push them to be the best that they can be in helping Boardwalk become the household name in the industry, one of the best motivational speakers in the country today, Dr. Carl Balita, was invited to share with the rest of the employees what they need to do to stay on top, moving forward towards the future.

The BW Family also took the opportunity to introduce its newest member, the lovely Ms. Rhian Ramos, and with one of the biggest and brightest names in the industry joining Boardwalk's stable of stars Filipinos look up to, the future of the company couldn't be any brighter as we forge ahead towards Boardwalk 2020.

Lighting Up The Marikina Skyline

An awe-inspiring fireworks display lit up the Marikina skyline recently as the finals of the Philippine National Fireworks Festival was held at the Marikina Riverbanks, in special participation of course by one of the biggest names in the world of fashion & lifestyle, Boardwalk.
That's right, after three weeks of intense competition from the best of the nation in pyrotechnics, it was time to find out who's going to be crowned champions of this year's national fireworks festival, and it was fitting too that the remaining finalists of the competition put on a show one more time on Cinco de Mayo.
Three finalists remain from the field of participants in the Philippine National Fireworks Festival. These include San Pablo, Laguna, Lemery, Batangas, and Meycuayan, Bulacan, as the representatives of each municipality put on quite the show, much to the delight of the crowd, illuminating the Marikina skyline with a stunning fireworks display that truly was a spectacle.
Each of the three remaining participants proved why they were chosen as one of the finalists to compete for the right to be crowned as the 2012 Philippine National Fireworks Festival. In the end, Lemery, Batangas took the title to become the first-ever champions of the competition after setting the crowd ablaze with their showmanship, including a stunning pyrotechnic exhibition on water.
The event truly was an experience as the Marikina Riverbanks was surrounded with a light show like no other with Boardwalk splattered all over the vicinity with huge Boardwalk balloons that brought the place alive.

Boardwalk joins Sky Cable in Skyathon 2012

On the sandy beaches of Boracay, Sky Cable, in cooperation with Boardwalk, recently held their annual run for a cause. Dubbed as Skyathon 2012, the two-day affair in the nation's party island capital assembled health buffs, guests, locals, and even some of the country's finest names in showbusiness as each of the participating runners were more than happy to run for the Boracay Foundation this year.
The first day of Skyathon 2012 was the precursor to the actual beach run. Billed as the Sounds of Sundown, Sky Cable and Boardwalk were there to welcome some of the guests in Boracay who still haven't registered for this year's run. Co-sponsored by Epic Boracay, the Sounds of Sundown was held at the beachfront of Epic Boracay as the registrants enjoyed some cool sounds while watching the picturesque view of the Boracay sunset.
The registrants were also engaged in some fun and games, one of which is Boardwalk's own shirt relay contest where BW loot bags were given to the winners. This was not just any ordinary loot bag mind you as the loot bags given to the winners consist of cool BW shirts, towels, caps, and trendy BW Timepieces.
The new registrants got the chance to take their pictures taken in the BW photo wall, as each of them look ready and geared up for the most exciting fun run of the summer.
The second day was the actual beach run. With a 5am call-time, some of the participating runners were already there even before the scheduled time as each of them were ready for the 5K, 10K, and 10K couples' relay.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Boardwalk ran from Outbreak Manila's Zombie Horde

Run for your life. That was the theme in Nuvali, Sta. Rosa, Laguna where five thousand brave souls took on 200 ravenous zombies as Outbreak Manila, in participation of Boardwalk, hosted the fun run of epic proportions last April 14.

Five thousand runners, coming from all walks of life, converged in Nuvali for what turned out to be an exciting and hair-raising fun-filled event as the participants were divided into 25 separate waves to take on a five-kilometer obstacle course filled with 200 bloodthirsty zombies looking to take the lives of the runners.

Of course, by lives, we don't mean real human lives but ''life flags'' that were given to all five thousand participants. Each runner was given three flags that represent their lives in the run and they have to stay alive and finish the entire five-kilometer obstacle course while trying to fend off all these zombies from taking all their flags away.

It was a different fun run as the participants were as creative as the event. One came dressed up as The Flash, probably thinking that the suit would let him be fast enough to run away from the zombies scattered all over the course. We also saw somebody dressed up as Michael Phelps, complete with goggles, a swimming cap, and nothing else on but a pair of board shorts and a funny-looking duck lifesaver.

Boardwalk offered the runners with some cool shirts to let the participants tell their own stories how they survived Outbreak Manila. And the best part about this one is, they can go get one even if they did not actually survive.

Immortalizing the outbreak, Boardwalk also let the participants get their pictures taken in our photo wall as each one of them came home with a huge smile on their faces.

Outbreak Manila was a huge success and with Boardwalk joining in on the fun, we'll never look at zombies the same again.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Enjoy a Business That Works. Be a Personal Shopper.

True to its mantra of uplifting the lives of the Filipino, Boardwalk is letting each and every one of you enjoy a business that not only pays well but also lets you be a big help to every Filipino out there who wants to bring out the best in them.

You can help millions of Filipinos to be more confident and always be at their best by8 becoming one of Boardwalk's Personal Shoppers. Not only will you own a business that gives you financial freedom to do what you want, when you want, you will be giving people personal advices on how they can best project themselves to the best of their abilities.

That is what being one of Boardwalk's Personal Shoppers is all about. You will be every Filipino's personal adviser in looking good and feeling good, their personal coach in style, helping Filipinos to be more confident in how they look and in what they do.

As a Personal Shopper, you will be every Filipino's confidant in the world of fashion.

To assure our clients that they will always receive the best direction in style and fashion, would-be Personal Shoppers will be given proper training to help you become the official liaison, if you will, for Filipinos to what's hip, trendy, and fashionable.

As a Personal Shopper, you will live and breathe fashion and virtually shop for our clients, freeing them from the hassles of standing in those long lines at the shopping malls. You will be able to see what our clients want before they even get the chance to tell you what they want.

Style and fashion will be second nature to Personal Shoppers and you will be a part of an elite group who will be helping every Filipino live better lives by giving them the upper hand in how to be the best that they can be.

Give us a call at 631-9999 and become one of Boardwalk's Personal Shoppers and experience first-hand why your fashion is our business.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Boardwalk Style Council to redefine the Conventions of Fashion

Stylish, savvy, smart, and sexy; that is what the Boardwalk Style Council is all about.

Led by the Style Council ambassadors; Ms. Justine Gabionza, one of Boardwalk's esteemed celebrity endorsers, and Gerald Sison, one of our established fashion models, Boardwalk assembled some of the finest names of the runway to be at the forefront of fashion for the Filipino and to be collectively known as the Style Council mannequins namely; Edward Raven, Koloud Alshammari, Sirene Sutton, and Job Gayta.

Joining them will be our resident style genius, Avel Bacudio, and our stylists Aimee Velasco, Bea Albert, and Nasia Cammayo.

Together, they will be the Boardwalk Style Council, Boardwalk's champions in the world of fashion who will give new meaning to what's stylish, sophisticated, classic, and modern. Why? Because based on their stature in the industry, they have earned the right to do so. How? That's where the fun starts.

The Boardwalk Style Council will educate the Filipino people and improve their sense of style and fashion by addressing their concerns on what to wear and what NOT to wear.

As Boardwalk's fashion ambassadors, they will also live by the company's ''Angat Sa Porma'' campaign wherein they will strive to empower the lifestyle of every Filipino by improving the way they look, see, and carry themselves through the stylish, fashionable, and truly avant-garde clothes only Boardwalk can deliver.

Together with Boardwalk's resources and vast array of modern fashion pieces, the Boardwalk Style Council will set new trends in the fashion industry and be able to dictate what's hot, what's not, what's poppin' and what's just plain embarrassing.

For them to be able to communicate with the young and hip generation, the Boardwalk Style Council will make themselves available on social networking channels like Facebook and Twitter where they can promote social responsibility and talk about various topics on fashion and lifestyle.

The Boardwalk Style Council stays true to the company's mission to uplift the lives of every Filipino by improving the way they present themselves to the world.

Friday, November 11, 2011

My Orange-y Expectation...

I have known Boardwalk for a long time now but since this is my 1st event with them, it's hard to give a solid expectation as I am not that aware yet with what the event is all about.

But basing with its theme "Eat.Play.Blog.", I assume that this is about having a good meal, play some games, and blog about the event.

What I am liking though is there initiative to take part with the "Run for Pasig 2011" advocacy campaign. Any thing that helps promote any kind of advocacies is appealing for me.

And Orange Magazine TV is supporting this.

More power!